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Here are your program builders. This category is the most important indicator of future success. As I have stated often, Overachievement Above Talent Level is the catalyst for the Synergistic Trend to take hold and begin the elevation of a program. You could argue that this is the most important ability when selecting a head coach.

On the flipside, there are those at the bottom of the list are your biggest underachievers. These are the guys that have lowered the standing of their program. This is “hot seat city.” A couple of these coaches may have extenuating circumstances affecting the program. Nevertheless, this metric identifies the coaches that have to improve or they will be let go within the next 2 seasons.

Below are the most and least “overachieving” head coaches in college football.

  • The first chart is the 2023 Top 10.
  • The second chart is the 2023 Bottom 10
  • The third chart is the Career Top 10 (2005-2023).
  • The fourth chart is the Career Bottom 10 (2005-2023).