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Injustices 1998-2023

Here are the past 20 years of “injustices” for non-elite programs.

  • In 1998, Elite Programs #4 Ohio St. and #8 Florida made BCS bowls while #3 Kansas State did not.
  • In 1999 we saw #6 Kansas St. passed over for a 2nd time to the benefit of Elite Program, #8 Michigan.
  • In 2000, we saw Washington defeat Miami, Miami defeat FSU, and then all three teams end up with one loss at the end of the season. The obvious choice, Washington, was passed over for Elite Program, FSU, to go the NC game.
  • In 2004, undefeated Oklahoma and USC were Elite Programs and undefeated Auburn was not. USC blew out an overmatched Oklahoma 55-19 in the NCG. Auburn finished the season undefeated and #2.
  • In 2006, when Ohio St. and Michigan reemerged as Elite Programs, they were afforded the perception that they were the two best teams all season. Many were clamoring for a Michigan/Ohio St. rematch for the National Title. That is, until they both got humiliated by Florida and USC in their bowl games and it was clear that Ohio State and Michigan’s strength was a media creation in August.
  • In 2009, Elite Program and undefeated Texas played Alabama for the NC over other undefeated non-elites Cincinnati, Boise St., and TCU.
  • In 2011, LSU and Alabama were Elite Programs and Oklahoma State was not. Alabama and LSU were given a rematch in the NCG instead of giving Oklahoma State their shot.
  • In 2013, one loss Elite Program, Auburn, got in over one loss non-elite Michigan State with no controversy.
  • In 2014, a one loss Alabama, Oregon, and Ohio State made the playoff over a one loss TCU and Baylor. We are told that the reason TCU and Baylor are left out is the lack of a Big 12 Championship game. Then, the very next year…
  • In 2015, a one loss Oklahoma, despite the lack of a Big 12 Championship game, gets in the playoff over a one loss Iowa, Houston, and Ohio State.
  • In 2016, Big Ten Champion and non-elite, Penn State, was passed over for an Ohio State team that they defeated in the regular season. Clemson then beat Ohio State 31-0 in the semifinal game.
  • In 2017, undefeated non-elite UCF was passed up for a one-loss elite, Alabama, that finished 2nd in its own division. UCF went on to beat Auburn, the one team that beat Alabama, in the Peach Bowl.
  • In 2018, undefeated non-elite UCF was again passed up for a one-loss elite Oklahoma team.
  • In 2019, there was no controversy. Three undefeated Elite Programs (LSU, Ohio State, Clemson) made the CFP. The only 1-loss team in the Power 5 (Oklahoma) was also an Elite Program and they made it in.
  • In 2020, 6-0 Elite Program, Ohio State, and 10-1 Elite Program, Clemson, who played a weaker schedule, got in over 8-1 Non-Elite Texas A&M.
  • In 2021, 12-1 Elite Program, Georgia, got in over 11-1 Non-Elite Notre Dame.
  • In 2022, 10-2 Elite Program, Alabama (#5), was ranked ahead of 10-2 Non-Elite Program, Tennessee (#6) after Tennessee beat Alabama head-to-head.
  • In 2023, 12-1 Elite Programs, Texas and Alabama, were selected over a 13-0 Non-Elite, Florida State. We are told that after seeing two games without injured QB, Jordan Travis, FSU was no longer one of the 4 best teams. This is the first time an undefeated power 5 program was left out of the playoff. They had also defeated two SEC teams. We’ve seen the injured QB situation where an Elite Program wasn’t punished. In 2014, 1-loss Elite Program, Ohio State, was down to their 3rd string QB. They were selected as the #4 seed over two 1-loss Non-Elite Programs (Baylor & TCU). They also won the National Championship, which sets a precedent for why FSU should be in over Texas and Alabama.