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WRC By Conference 2006-2022

This table shows how the conferences compare in overall talent level. The lower number the better under each year. Green indicates a talent increase. Red indicates a talent decrease.

2021 WRC and Conference Talent Level

  • The SEC is still the most talented conference by a gigantic margin. However…
  • It appears that the SEC reached peak talent level in 2016 and dealt with 3 straight years of declining talent before the small increases from 2020-2022.
  • The SEC still has a gigantic net increase (of 12.1) since the SEC Takeover of 2006.
  • The Big 10 has increased its overall talent level in 8 straight years.
  • The Pac 12‘s talent level is currently at its lowest point in 17 years. The Pac 12 was 2nd in 2013 but has seen its talent level decrease in 6 straight years.
  • The SEC Takeover of 2006 immediately hurt the ACC and they have not gotten back to the talent level they had right after they added Miami and Virginia Tech.
  • The Big 12 was 3rd in 2013-2014, but 8 years later, is 4th and still trending down.
  • If you look at the bottom row above, you can see that despite the increasing financial disparity, the Power 5 conferences have been losing talent level to the rest of college football.