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The goal here is to show how much a coach has elevated the talent level of a program since he took over as head coach. This is done by measuring the current WRC recruiting ranking vs. when the coach took over the current program. It should be mentioned that this means that each score is a cumulative score.

Remember, there are factors that can raise this ranking outside of the coaches’ control like moving to a power 5 conference, coming off of probation, and having a poor recruiting predecessor. Kyle Wittingham and Gary Patterson both benefited from their program moving to a power 5 conference during their tenure. Conversely, following a rule-breaking coach (denoted by the ***) can make you look worse than you deserve (ie. Billy Napier). So, this is designed to give credit where credit is due, but often, those at the very top received some help. Typically, those at the bottom are coaches that are older and either no longer have the desire or energy to recruit and perhaps they struggle more in relating to 17 year-olds as well.

  • The first chart is the 2021 top 10 in cumulative recruiting upgrade.
  • The second chart is the 2021 bottom 10 in cumulative recruiting upgrade.
  • The third chart is the Career top 10 coaches in recruiting ability (2005-2021)
  • The fourth chart is the Career bottom 10 coaches in recruiting ability (2005-2021)