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Philosophy, Scheme, Development

Does your coach have a good system in place? You commented that he did on the message board, but are you sure?

This metric answers the question of who had the best and worst systems once the staff gets the players on campus. This metric takes talent level out of the equation by removing the increase in talent level from the equation. That leaves the head coach’s philosophy, scheme, and development to carry all the weight.

  • The first chart is the 2020 Top 10.
  • The second chart is the 2020 Bottom 10.
  • The third chart is the Career Top 10 (2005-2019).
  • The fourth chart is the Career Bottom 10 (2005-2019).

Longtime Iowa coach, Kirk Ferentz, gets the “best system award” for 2019 after having his first elite season in 21 years at the helm.

Interesting to me is that Dabo Swinney and Mike Norvell both got their offensive philosophy from Chad Morris. Yet, Swinney and Norvell rank in the top 10 while Morris had his 2nd straight year in the bottom 10. Furthermore, Morris got the offense from Gus Malzahn who finished in the top 10 in 2017. It makes you wonder what the hole in Chad Morris’ game is and what Swinney and Norvell figured out to manifest such drastically different results. When Morris was the OC at Clemson, I always felt that he abandoned the run too early in tough games and that he needed more situational awareness in using the hurry up as opposed to going ludicrous speed all the time. I didn’t follow Morris at Arkansas much, so I don’t know what he was doing, but such a massive disparity in results with the same philosophy and scheme is a head scratcher.

Nick Saban remains #1 for his career. No surprise there. Mike Norvell up to #2 is very interesting since he was just handed the keys to an Elite Program in Florida State. Obviously, recruiting has never been FSU’s problem. The Noles desperately need what Norvell provides in a strong “philosophy, scheme, and development.” Could Norvell provide what they need to start challenging Clemson again?

Matt Luke was fired at Ole Miss, so there are 2 active coaches in the bottom 10 of the career standings heading into 2020. Both are on the hot seat and both schools go by the acronym USC. I’m not really sure how Clay Helton avoided being fired after the 2018 season, and even though last year was better, it was still another year below USC standards. Based on their fanbase’s high level of vocal disappointment with him being retained, Helton probably needs an Elite Season next year to save his job. Will Muschamp doesn’t need an Elite Season but he probably needs a Fringe Top 25 season or better to hang on for another year. Most of Muschamp’s poor career numbers come from a horrendous stint at Florida where he turned them into a Bottom Feeder in his final season there. He has been much better at South Carolina, but he had his worst year yet in 2019.