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As I have stated here often, Overachievement Above Talent Level, is the catalyst for the Synergistic Trend to take hold and begin the elevation a program. You could argue that this is the most important ability when selecting a head coach. These charts will list the top “overachieving” head coaches in college football.

  • The first chart is the top 10 from 2019
  • The second chart is the bottom 10 from 2019
  • The third chart is the top 10 from 2005-2019
  • The fourth chart is the bottom 10 from 2005-2019

Eliah Drinkwitz (Missouri) and Nick Rolovich (Wash St.) will be moving on to greener pastures next season. Lance Leipold appears to be ready for primetime, and even though he just signed an extension in February, you would think one more good year would have the big boys coming to see him.

Lovie Smith is the only active coach in the bottom 10 of the career standings. You’d think he would be on the hot seat heading into 2020. However, the program has improved in each of the past two years and got a program defining win against Wisconsin last year.