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Head Coach Rating

The Head Coach Rating (HCR) measures a program’s performance under the leadership of a particular head coach.

Each school has a Program Composite Ranking in order to determine expectations for that particular program. This is based on the All-Time ranking of the program and the ranking of the past 7 years. Each year, the program’s “Tier” ranking for that season is measured against the Program Composite Ranking.

Each school has a Weighted Recruiting Composite Ranking in order to determine the talent level of the program. The WRC ranking that the coach inherited is what that coach will be measured against. The question to be answered is: “Is the coach upgrading the talent level of the program, and if so, how much?”

The program is ultimately measured against it’s own traditional expectations, the ability to attract better talent, and then how well the program overachieves/underachieves on the field in relation to the talent level on campus.

NOTE: Since recruiting rankings only go back to 2001, anything that happened before 2005 is not included in these rankings. Therefore, all Career rankings encompass only 2005 to the present time. For example, Steve Spurrier’s career ranking would included only his time at South Carolina and not his time at Florida.

Top one year coaching performances.

  • Prog Comp Rank” is the program composite rank. This is the average of 3 separate rankings: The year before the coach was hired, the 7 years prior, and the all-time rank. This ranking is used throughout the coach’s tenure at the school to gauge the performance of the team each year under his watch.
  • Prog Rank” is the ranking for the current year in Elite Teams and Tiers.
  • Recr Rank Inher” is the talent level in the WRC that the coach inherited when he took the job.
  • Recr Rank” is the current WRC rank, or what kind of talent the coach is working with this year.
  • Score” takes into account Program Movement (up or down), Overachievement Above Recruiting Ranking, Sustainability (leaving the cupboard full for the next coach), and Relative Program Ranking (how high the program is ranked).
  • ^ indicates that the school was on probation for the majority of the coach’s tenure and that coach’s hands were tied so to speak.
  • ** two asterisks mean that violations occurred under both the previous coach and the current coach.
  • *** three asterisks means that a coach was either convicted of major violations to achieve his results or will likely be convicted of major violations in the near future (I speculate that Hugh Freeze earned this after Laremy Tunsil’s social media documentation and admission).