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HCR Career 2005-2020

These are the cumulative Head Coach Ratings for the period that includes 2005-2020. I do not go back any further than 2005 because of the lack of team recruiting rankings prior to 2001. Some of the “Years Included” may represent more or less years than actually included.

  • Current Head Coaches are listed in their school colors.
  • Prog Comp Rank” is the program composite rank. This is the average of the 7 years prior rank and the all-time rank upon the coach’s arrival. 7 is the highest rank and 98 is the lowest rank possible.
  • Prog Rank” is the ranking for the current year in Elite Teams and Tiers.
  • Avg Recr Rank Inher” is the talent level in the WRC that the coach inherited when he took the job.
  • Avg Recr Rank” is the current WRC rank, or what kind of talent the coach is working with this year.
  • Score” is the HCR Score that takes into account Program Movement (up or down), Overachievement Above Recruiting Ranking, Sustainability (leaving the cupboard full for the next coach), and Relative Program Ranking (how high the program is ranked).
  • ^ indicates that the school was on probation for the majority of the coach’s tenure and that coach’s hands were tied so to speak.
  • ** two asterisks mean that violations occurred under both the previous coach and the current coach.
  • *** three asterisks means that a coach was either convicted of major violations to achieve his results or will likely be convicted of major violations in the near future.