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Weighted Recruiting Composite

The WRC is each average recruiting ranking weighted based on the percentages of talent comprising a two-deep to determine the relative talent level of developed players for each team in any given year.

The WRC’s original purpose was to objectively determine if a program is overachieving or underachieving based on their talent level and to also project future success and expectations based on talent.

This is the Rivals and 247 Rankings for the past 5 years combined them to get an average ranking. Then those averages are weighted based on the percentage of each class that typically comprises a two deep:

  • First Year players (FR) count as 10% of the two deep.
  • Second Year players (FR*, SO) count as 22% of the two deep.
  • Third Year players (SO*, JR) count as 23% of the two deep.
  • Fourth Year players (JR*, SR) count as 27% of the two deep.
  • Fifth Year players (SR*, GR) count as 18% of the two deep.

Elite Programs are in their school colors and the “diff” column is how many spots they moved up or down from last year’s rankings. Analysis below the chart.